Parental Engagement

11 July 2018

Parents play a crucial role in supporting their children’s learning, and levels of parental engagement are consistently associated with children’s academic outcomes. Schools and early years settings can support parents to engage with their children’s learning in a wide range of ways, for example, by:

  • providing regular feedback on children’s progress,
  • offering advice on improving the home learning environment, and
  • running more intensive programmes for children struggling with reading or behaviour.

Although the association between parental involvement and a child’s academic success is well-established, evidence in our Toolkit suggests that there is surprisingly little robust evidence on which approaches are most effective in improving parental engagement, particularly for disadvantaged families.

Schools should therefore monitor their parental engagement activities carefully, and first consider alternative strategies that have a stronger evidence base. For example, if a school is struggling with literacy, improving literacy teaching – for which there is good evidence – might be prioritised before embarking on a new parental engagement programme.

The Education Endowment Foundation has funded trials of nine projects focused on improving parental engagement. For more information click here.

Posted on 11 July 2018
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